Your Coaching Proposal Is The Missing Link

Many coaches dread the moment where they have to bring up the subject of their fees!

Some coaches try to avoid having to deal with this issue by posting their fee schedule on their website. By putting it out in the open it shows a level of transparency on the part of the coach. No hidden fees and no surprises.

Other coaches simply blurt it out! They take a deep breath and hastily tell the client what their fees are. Then they wait for that awkward silence that precedes the client’s response. Sometimes the client says “Yes”, but most of the time the client defers any commitment to some future date.

A date that may never come!

The reason for all this discomfort with coaching fees is very simple. The client’s perception of coaching value does not match the coaches’ expectation of adequate remuneration for the coaching services he/she will provide. But more importantly, the coach has not had a chance to sufficiently communicate the value of the coaching services in the time allotted for the Initial Coaching Session (ICS).

Whether the ICS is free or provided for a nominal fee, there simply isn’t adequate time to

– outline the scope of the coaching program,

– determine its value to the client, and

– present the coaching fees in a professional manner.

For many coaches, rejection becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy!

It always amazes me that for a profession that is so reliant on service and goodwill, many coaches still insist that the ICS is the “closer” to the coaching agreement! It’s where the deal is done and the value and fees are determined!

Nothing could be further from the truth!

The ICS call is not meant to be a coaching session. It is not designed to “sell” your coaching services! And it is not the time to discuss your coaching fees!

A ICS call only has one purpose! Its sole function it to move the client to the next step in the process of attracting a highly motivated and valuable coaching client. And what is that next step?

The Coaching Proposal!

As soon as you finish your ICS call, you must send your client a Coaching Proposal. Your CP consists of 5 parts that are all designed to accomplish one thing – To confirm to the client that you are the coach who can lead them to their Desired Outcome! Each of the 5 elements of the Coaching Proposal adds a unique value and authenticity to your ability to help the client achieve a Desired Outcome.

The first element gives your client the outline for your coaching program. It answers the HOW question.

The second element identifies the goals and objectives of your coaching program. It answers the WHAT question.

The third element sets out the commitment that is required to achieve the Desired Outcome. It answers the WHY question.

The fourth element determines the mutual accountability for coach and client. It answers the WHO question.

The fifth element brings it all together. It answers the HOW MUCH question. This is where you spell out your coaching fees, how they are determined, how they are to be paid, etc.

With a properly prepared Coaching Proposal, your clients will see the value of you program and the justification behind your fees.

And you will no longer have to deal with any “fee anxiety”!